What is Sustainable Auto Detailing?

What is sustainable detailing to APD?
Creating economic growth within an industry without negatively impacting the environment for future generations.
In other words, a company that provides quality services for you & I today, and also for our children tomorrow.
APD does this by:
Conserving water: By utilizing low volume pressure washers we are able to wash a vehicle with less than 15 gallons of water.
-average car wash @ home can use up to 100 gallons or more of water
-average automated car wash uses
50-65 gallons.
Using biodegradable wash soap:
Using a soap that breaks down organically & is not harmful to the environment is key to keeping our water clean & unpolluted. For the environment & for future generations.
Low VOC products: When choosing products to do the dirty work, we look for products that will lessen the negative impact upon the air we all breathe.  For you, for me, for our lungs.
Locally owned & operated:  We believe in buying local. Whenever we have the opportunity to create vendor relationships, we always seek out the “local guy”.  Putting our money back into our local economy is just smart business.
Giving Back:  We donate a minimum of 10% of our gross profits every month.
Gift certificates, Donations, Service, Time & Money. These are all methods we have used to give to charitable foundations, schools, communities, other small businesses & families. When you give freely of what you have been given, it all seems to just flow right back.
These are a few ways we at A Perfect Detail strive to be a Sustainable Detailing Company.
Join us in our endeavor, every person can make a difference, by just making a change.
All our Best to You!
Your Sustainable Detailing Team,
A Perfect Detail